ISO twistlocks are available for 20′ and 40′ containers on all trailers.


Stakes and sockets for the transportation of pipe, tube and extrusions.

Steering Axles

All trailers are available with steering axles. Self tracking or hydraulic power steered axles are available, with ETS active steering available soon.

Lift Axles

Most axle configurations are available with a lift axle option.


For very long items which must use the full length of a stepframe we can provide trestles for the lower deck to give a flat, full-length load area.


Strong 100mm box section outriggers with self locking mechanism and flange. For use with hardwood boards to extend the width of the lower deck for the movement of wide machinery and plant. Trailers fitted with outriggers have width extenders on rear ramp hangers as standard.

Wheel Wells

We can fabricate wheel and/or dipper arm wells into most types of trailer. Bridging ramps are available for wheel wells.


There are a number of ramp options available on our stepframes including:

Clip on aluminium
Hydraulic folding (single or double fold, mesh or timber)
Hydraulic cheese wedge (creates a flat lower deck when folded)
Hydraulic deck section (front of lower deck raises to create ramp to top deck)